Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bertha lashes her tail

Here's one that got left off the list yesterday. I took the publisher (Piccadilly Press's Brenda) and my agent (Rosemary Sandberg)  to suss out the publishing scene in Moscow
Hurricane Bertha is just lashing the last of her tail here in the far northwest. The road to Inverness is operating on a convoy system and it can take an hour and a half to get through the debris. We had a great time though splashing in Ullaspool - for readers in Moffat, please note that this lovely big warm (30 deg) pool was built by raising the money themselves. There are only 1500 of them to 2050 of us. It is magnificent, with a big sports hall attached where we also played three a side badminton (three of us are under 9 years of age). Ullapool has two notable bookshops - more of them when the pix struggle through on a web connection that is even slower than home.

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