Friday, 29 August 2014

A haven for the hungry

'Books' Coffee table at Mrs Green's Tea Lounge in Dumfries
Mrs Green's Tea Lounge in Dumfries is a wonderfully inventive place for a light meal and to restore one's faith in imagination, style, humour, tradition - all that stuff which has got pushed onto the back burner while we square up over the Neverendum. The place is full of delicious touches - the menus contained in copies of Ladybird books, the Scrabble board which reads 'Mrs Green has left the building...' when the place is closed; the old Olivetti typewriter for children to play on, the measuring scroll on the wall which tells you if you are as tall as a Neanderthal - the retro music and last but not least the generous helpings of good, fresh food. Oh - and all the waitresses in their beautiful 40's style print dresses and cotton bandeaux, made up like Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth. A visit there today made my day, no: my week.

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