Saturday, 12 February 2011

Off The Page

News today of Off The Page, the first literary festival of music and words in Whitstable, Kent. This chimes with the information in The Kings Speech, that stammerers can often sing their message when they cannot speak it. It turns out that synthesizing the human voice concealed within music was used for recording secure communications between politicians (Truman and Churchill; J F Kennedy and Harold Macmillan) until better methods to scramble speech were found, and speech merged with music lapsed into hiphop.
Melvyn Bragg says, in support of our Moffat Book Events: You may find this laughable, but I think that the arts and the sciences in this country are not only our best bet for the future but our only bet. The biggest employers in this country before World War I were domestic service and the coal industry. Already the creative economy in this country (based on the arts) employs the sum of those two combined.

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