Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Birthday boys

Today is the birthday of John Grisham and Jules Verne. Had they been contemporaries, they might have collaborated on a murder mystery set in a submarine. I have opened my secondhand (or 'vintage') copy of The Quest for Merlin by Nikolai Tolstoy, recently received from Amazon. The copy was formerly the property of ( 'pre-owned by') a library at Palos Verdes* in California. The book follows the trail of Merlin to Hart Fell right here in Moffat - there is a beautiful photograph of Merlin's Cave on the back cover. An article in the current (Feb 5 2011) Spectator magazine is of much relevance to Moffat Book Events. In it, Harry Mount argues that book festivals are effectively a series of lectures, and that the public has a thirst for being part of 'the happy hum of human chit chat' * www.palosverdes.com

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