Sunday, 4 November 2012

East Lothian: a book festival and a stay in an hotel

Lennoxlove - cannon facing outward from the front of the house

Lennoxlove - door to book festival book shop
Lennoxlove is a great venue for a book festival. I had tickets for three events, but in the end I only went to one: Richard Holloway talking about his autobiography Leaving Alexandria with Sally Magnusson. A fascinating session. I misread the time of Alistair Moffat's session revealing some discoveries about British DNA so I missed it, but luckily I met someone who had been there and confirmed that the big news is: there is no difference between Scottish DNA and any other British DNA. What will Alex Salmond make of that, I wonder? I had booked for Alistair Darling tonight but missed it to return for The Green Frog fireworks. It was spectacularly beautiful weather at Lennoxlove yesterday and North Berwick today, as I gather it was too in Moffat.

Less good news: my room at Macdonald's supposedly five star Marine hotel in North Berwick, featuring peeling paint, plug points near the floor, kettle stand with flex too short to reach a table; stained headboard. Not pictured: the heavy tea tray was positioned above head height on a high shelf in the clothes cupboard; a very noisy party was taking place in the room next door to mine until 9.30pm when the revellers went down to dinner; the hotel failed to deliver the newspaper I had ordered;  don't get me started...
Depressing: peeling paint round door to room 219

Kettle: to boil, place on floor - note length of flex

Stained headboard

the only other three pin plug point, near floor behind easy chair

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