Sunday, 4 November 2012

A perfect bonfire night

The bonfire at The Green Frog, Moffat Nov 4 2012
It was pretty much a perfect night for Bonfire Night with fireworks at The Green Frog in Moffat last night. I stood up Alistair Darling talking about managing another sort of conflagration at Lennoxlove and dashed back in time to join the crowd of happy children and parents stumbling around in the dark, enjoying the monster slide, the revolving teacups ride and the stall where you could win a light sabre or a big bouncy ball for £2. The man ran out of light sabres too soon, much to everyone's disappointment including his. There was mulled red wine, hot soup and a dessert (I never discovered what) along with the entry fee. The path to the bonfire itself was lit by extraordinary tree trunks hollowed out and slit down the sides so the intense fire burning inside them glowed through. The great bonfire burned magnificently, sending bright red and yellow sparks high into the starry sky. The fireworks were astonishingly loud, bright and varied. All in all a fantastic success - chapeau to Kris and all at the Green Frog.

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