Thursday, 7 April 2011

Experiments in advertising

In Stacey's absence (happy cruising, Stacey!) I have been asked to keep up the marketing effort for Moffat Book Events. This was possibly a rash move on my colleagues' behalf. Sitting down yesterday to contact reporters on local papers and other media I became increasingly light-headed and irresponsible. I suddenly remembered a famous estate agent in the 1960's who used very successfully to market houses and flat by describing them in extreme and comically negative terms such as: Eastend spiv and his ageing bleach blonde moll seek to dispose of their damp and dingy 1-bed basement flat, no mod cons; a tree has started to grow in the outside lav. Offer invited. In fact, I believe that a book of these gems was published. My idea was to market the Moffat Book Event under the striking headline: Moffat - not just smelly walking socks and sulphurous water. Well, it worked for an estate agent in the '60's.

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